Friday, September 16, 2011

Significant addition to mayhem website.

Have you been to Model Mayhem website lately? If you do I am sure you already notice that there is one additional tab just right after "shop" the tab is called "edu" obviously it is short word for education.
Although I already notice this tab a few weeks back, but I did not even bother actually to open it and see what is inside until I saw Pratik's (Soltice Retouch) Facebook wall this morning. 

Model Mayhem education blog is the latest feature on their website and it consists of different article that provides tips, advice, and knowledge in Photography, post production, Modeling, Hair & make-up, styling and using MM. And also All articles written there came from Mayhem member's submission. 

For those who are into retouching and want to have an idea how to breakthrough in retouching business
Pratik Naik has a great article about Making it as a professional retoucher. On his article he discusses the basic on business and marketing side of retouching as well as other topics like networking, anatomy, manipulation, etc. it a must read for all retoucher

How about If you are in a Photo shoot and the model asked you for a model release form, but you have no idea what is a model release well there is one article from Laurens Antoine that tackles model release, what it is for and what to write in it. 

I also saw one articles about DIY lighting and about copyrighting your photos and it's importance plus an article about how to read the histogram on your camera. 

So for those MM members out there watch out for this MM edu blog who knows maybe soon someone will share their workflow and technique on skin retouching so you don't have to read high-pass sucks over and over again lol!

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