Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bunch of retouching videos and tutorials here!!

1.) For those serious retoucher / Photoshop user this is a highly recommended site. This site got plenty of useful tutorials in Photoshop, from initial retouching consideration, color corrections and tone, structural enhancement (contouring), removing wrinkles, eyes/hair/face enhancement to skin softening all rolled into this one fantastic site.
And one great things about this are that all tutorials are in easy to follow video format....isn't that lovely? But the downside is, it requires you to have an active subscription to lynda.com. to gain access some major tutorials
nyahahaha!. Well you can watch the videos from introduction to color correction and tone for free but following topic after that you will need the subscription, not bad, errr...anyway here's the link for the tutorials. The main site is www.lynda.com and they offer online training not just  Photoshop but other programming stuff like Ajax, HTML, CAD, MS Office etc.

 2.) I know some of you specially those people who are into skin retouching may have heard of "Pixel level dodging and burning" well this is one of the common technique being used by some expert skin Retoucher and also the most tedious one because you will need to zoom in up to 500% (where you can see the pixel boxes of the image) to execute this which makes it time consuming, but it's a very effective skin retouching technique and the result is awesome. I personally use this DnB technique discuss here but in a bit different approach.

well here's some good tutorials for this non-destructive Pixel level DnB
~ from everythingsmagic
~ from Ronald Tan

This for now perhaps I will add some more rocking tutorial link here soon. Hope you, guys find this useful in your everyday Photoshop'ing. Enjoy!

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